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For young students

Materials of the course "Introduction to Quantum Physics" (2nd year, 2nd semester)


Coursework topics for 2nd year students

(a complete list of coursework topics for 2nd year students on the website of the department)

Professor Galiya Khasanovna Kitaeva (KNO, room 410, e-mail: gkitaeva@physics.msu.ru)::

  • Research and application of correlated photons of optical and terahertz frequencies
  • Investigation of the correlation properties of optical and terahertz twin beams
  • Quantum photometry of radiation in the terahertz frequency range

Phd Kuznetsov Kirill Andreevich (KNO, room 406, e-mail: kirill-spdc@yandex.ru):

  • Terahertz photonics of topological insulators
  • Generation of terahertz radiation in nonlinear crystals under conditions of strong amplification

Associate Professor, Ph.D. Prudkovsky Pavel Andreevich (KNO, room 406, e-mail: vysogota@gmail.com):

  • Investigation of the mode structure of optical-terahertz biphoton fields
  • Simulation of the relaxation processes of defects in domain structures
  • Study of Schmidt modes in broadband biphoton twin-beams


Archives of the Olympiad of the Department of Quantum Electronics