Welcome to the website of Laboratory Quantum Phenomena in Optical and Terahertz Range

The Laboratory performs research activity in the following directions:

Quantum optics of biphoton fields
  • Quantum optics of pulsed fields
  • Polarization optics of biphotons and twin beams
  • Quantum information: experiment
Spectroscopy of parametric down-conversion and light scattering by polaritons
  • Study of dielectric function dispersion in IR and THz ranges
  • Phonons, polaritons, and polarons in non-linear crystals
  • Diagnostics of domain gratings in periodically poled crystals
Terahertz generation and detection
  • Generation and detection of terahertz radiation by nonlinear-optical methods
  • Quantum photometry in the terahertz range
Correlation spectroscopy of complex systems
  • Statistical optics
  • Photorefraction
  • Phase transitions in ferroelectrics
  • Auto-wave chemical reactions
Absolute quantum photometry